Swurv is a pioneer in the development of technology for interoperability between disparate computer systems, enabling the transparent flow of information within and among companies, in real time. more info
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Roger Concepcion, Chairman & CFO

An experienced dealmaker with over 30 years of international investment and commercial banking experience...

John Formosa, Chief Software Architect

Mr. Formosa's entrepeneurial career have involved projects in Canada, the United States, Europe and the Caribbean...

Dr. Denise Woit, C.T.O.

An experienced professor, a world renowned professional and a highly recognized academic, Dr. Woit has been widely published internationally and has chaired conferences Canada, USA, and EU countries...

Dr. Dave Mason, Chief Scientist

Dr. Mason is in the very truest sense of the word, a genius. Dr. Mason brings to Swurv an immense amount of experience, technical and creative aptitude...

Rene Mapili, VP Sales & Marketing

Rene Mapili brings to Swurv over 21 years of experience in building and leading efficient sales operations in the telecommunications, custom software development and systems integration industries...