Swurv is a pioneer in the development of technology for interoperability between disparate computer systems, enabling the transparent flow of information within and among companies, in real time. more info
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Swurv offers technologies that support various aspects of Franchise programs. Swurv enables franchisors to reduce operating expenses for support services and at the same time increase the level of service offered to franchisees. Swurv technologies are delivered over the Internet as a hosted service and may be accessed 24/7 securely from most Internet connected PCs. Swurv Technologies require no installation of software so there is very little deployment issues.

The Swurv Environment (Swurv SE)
Swurv SE is a web-based delivery platform that creates a central meeting place for employees, clients and suppliers to consolidate and collaborate on critical business information. Swurv SE provides a multitasking "gateway" to company resources inside and outside the enterprise including Intranets, Extranets, public Internet and Webservices.

The Swurv SE experience is extremely powerful. From desktop icon, login screen, software "skin", email address, email tagline to personalized client card, all are branded to your company. The fully customized branded appearance builds your brand equity and loyalty.

Through the Swurv Environment you will be giving your franchisees some of the most advanced yet user friendly software to manage their location independently while enhancing their relationship with you the franchisor and other franchisees within your system.

Swurv SE provides tools to deliver:
• Distance training
• Real-time collaboration and support
• Document management
• Single sign-on to web resources and Webservices
• Contact management and communication

In short Swurv SE offers your enterprise an extremely effective way to aid in franchise system management, distribution of product/manual information and deliver real-time franchisee support at a fraction of the cost of traditional support systems.