Swurv is a pioneer in the development of technology for interoperability between disparate computer systems, enabling the transparent flow of information within and among companies, in real time. more info
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Swurv Environment (SE) delivers small businesses the power of a focused Groupware and VPN Alternative tool. It also gives you a better way to work with mobile employees, remote clients and customers with no infrastructure hassles and at a fraction of the cost of enterprise collaboration solutions. SE allows you to work directly with client, suppliers and stakeholders in private, shared areas, to get projects completed faster and easier. SE's ability to work seamlessly across network firewalls means you can share documents, discussions and more with your contacts wherever they are with no special setup.

SE supports real-time document review and tracking, meeting management, project setup and tracking, group scheduling, and more. SE places no size limits on the files you share, and because the software is web-based you can access files securely from anywhere in the world. SE delivers industrial-strength security that you never have to think about because it's always running, automatically securing content and conversations moving over the Internet. Finally, SE is easy to use, which means employees will actually use the software and you will save on training dollars and ramp-up time for new employees.

For small and mid-sized organizations that can’t afford to invest in EDI or traditional software packages, internet-based tools offer the ability to collaborate with trading partners using just a PC and Web browser. They can better compete with their larger counterparts by meeting compliance issues — and implementation time is extremely quick.

Password protection and encryption technology have helped to alleviate security concerns about exchanging sensitive information via the Internet. Likewise, system redundancies have evolved to ensure 24/7 reliability.

It’s important to understand that realizing the full potential of supply chain collaboration requires you to think in terms beyond your own four walls. By sharing information with all your trading partners, you will increase your supply chain effectiveness while increasing your competitive position in the process.