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The WBI has robots, which are programmed to trawl throughout web-based booking engines, optimize the queries by caching multiple identical requests in a given time frame and dynamically return results as they arrive in near real-time. It is a scalable and robust technology that can be branded to any travel company. This requires no integration on the part of third party distributors or suppliers. It is also a multi-tier design enabling B2B and B2C deployment.

Using Swurv Smartees the user can sign-on securely once to multiple unrelated booking engines. This provides choice, convenience and the ability for suppliers to leverage their existing homegrown IT assets. Each participant in the value chain controls and more importantly retains ownership of their own information. Smartees enable the WBI to retain valuable user data and preferences such as a frequent flyer number, dietary request, purchaser behavior etc… enabling related products and services to be associated with a particular individual or groups.

Swurv's WBI provides independence from the CRS legacy mainframe pricing systems on which all other air travel systems are based.

Our system provides more information, better choices and lower costs.

In addition to this functionality an enterprise may connect their booking engines through the Swurv Smartees API enabling a much higher level of service to their consumers and the ability to seamlessly interact with their value chain vertically and horizontally around a many to many model.

This will allow the enterprise to:

  • Retain information such as Frequent Flyer Number, Meal preference etc.

  • Associate a particular Consumer with a specific representative and use that association to provide more personalized service such as link them directly into a chat together to solve any problems at the destination, assist with a purchase, link the Consumer’s schedule with the specific representative’s schedule and so on.

  • Provide the Enterprise with a variety of reports that can be customized to various levels.

  • Create a complete end-to-end solution including integration of their accounting applications etc.

The first implementation is a flight WBI using Canadian flight providers. The second implementation is geared to a vacation package supplier with a direct integration with the Smartees API. This will be followed by Hotel, Scheduled Airlines, Charter Air and Cruise implementations.